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The fresh new year is a great opportunity for many people to offer their homes some TLC while they aren’t distracted by BBQs, theme parks, or even March break holidays down South. Winter can take a toll on our homes – especially on our under appreciated door hinges, and window seals. However, the changes can be so understated that you fail to notice them unless you take the time to pay close attention.

If the minor deteriorations are left unchecked, they can escalate beyond the repair point. Soon, you might find yourself in need of major repairs, which can involve plenty of hassle and financial outlay. Fortunately, by catching the problem early, you can avoid all that.

Sadly, many people handle windows as the last of their home improvements after the ‘fun’ stuff like newly renovated kitchens and bathrooms. Why not use this year to focus on the home improvements your home requires to not just look better cosmetically but also take better care of you and your family? Windows and doors play a larger role in the energy efficiency and value of your home. Therefore, you shouldn’t overlook them when considering remodels or updates to your house, or your yearly home improvement budget. Just like your siding or roof, these areas sometimes need replacing in order to maintain their efficiency.

How to Handle Door and Window Repairs

One of the main issues that affect doors is swelling and sticking. Changes in humidity and temperature are the main culprits. So how do you handle the repair of these issues? Their repair entails sanding down your door’s portion, which is sticking and causing friction.

To determine the area that needs sanding, slip a carbon paper piece in the exact area you suspect friction. After doing that, close your door. Once you open it back, the area, which needs sanding, shall be marked with ink. After the area is smooth, ensure you seal it with some vanish. Failure to do that will definitely lead to more problems in the future.

Are your wood sashes peeling, cracked or susceptible to the wind? Is the insulated glass inside your vinyl casement ‘blown?’ Is it filled with foggy condensation? All these are window problems, which call for urgent attention in form of repairs.

When confronted with such ills, a good number of homeowners usually conclude that the best solution is to replace windows. The truth is that such a solution can be costly. Instead, consider window repairs. By repairing your windows in time (before there’s a larger issue), there’s no doubt that you’re most likely to remedy many other problems in the future. What’s more is the fact that you are highly likely to enhance the energy efficiency of your windows.

Another issue that affects many windows is rotten wood. Rotten window frames allow air leaks and water into your house. Wood is bound to deteriorate when it’s painted incorrectly. It can also rot when exposed to humid and wet weather consistently. If the rot has only affected some parts, the one solution would be to use epoxy to patch small areas. If the frames are thoroughly rotten, you will to replace them entirely.

No matter the issue, or the repair, it is always important to consult a professional before initiating any work.

January is characterized by extremely cold weather conditions. You may be reminded of this every time you walk outside, but you could also be surprised by cool breezes leaking in from windows and doors when you least suspect it. Of course January isn’t the time when you want to discover these issues but it sure is the motivation to repair them! Repairing windows and doors with any form of issue will help prevent cold from coming in and heat from escaping. For sure, the last thing you want in the winter is malfunctioning doors and/or windows. It’s therefore very important to hire a professional to conduct door and window repairs as soon as you notice any issue.

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