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December is a busy month. An array of activities and obligations fill this season and that’s why we, here at BuyWise, are not going to hold you up with long and deep articles. Instead, December will be all about quick tips for areas of your home.

This week, we are focusing on roofing.

Quick Tip #1: Repair Broken Shingles and Small Holes

Small holes are very common in roofs. This is because the roof is exposed to all of the elements. Having an expert conduct an inspection to check for small holes can save you major damage in the long run since the smallest holes can turn out to be a major source of leaks. Caulking can be handy in fixing them effortlessly. However, if your home is airtight, you need to repair them using a metal flashing. Do you have a shingle roof? If yes, then it is best you replace the cracked and chipped shingles.

Quick Tip #2: Add Insulation to your Attic

A well-insulated and well-ventilated attic always regulates not the temperature but also energy consumption. Setting up a cellulose, mineral wool or fibreglass blanket is a popular and effective attic insulation strategy – and it’s something most people would consider quite easy! If you need a more reliable and long-term solution, you should get the assistance of experts in making sure that your home enjoys energy efficiency during this month of December and beyond.

Quick Tip #3: Price Isn’t the Only Thing

By now you must have heard the expression ‘you get what you pay for.’ Refrain from settling for a roofing company based only on price. The truth is, it isn’t a reliable indicator to measure the ability and quality of a company. In the moment, you may love the cheap price but in the long term you’re better off being on the safe side and doing your research. To be on the safe side, take your time, make comparison calls, and review contracts and estimates before signing. And ask as many questions as possible!

For more information on choosing the best contractor for the job, read this.

Quick Tip #4: Go Green

Are you interested in reducing your carbon footprint? This is something that is growing in popularity and for good reason. One way of doing so is by using environmentally friendly materials for your roofing. Great options include recycled materials that consist of wood waste, rubber or even used plastic. Doing so also saves you substantial amounts of money on energy rates in the long run.

Quick Tip #5: Get the Right Insurance

When reviewing your policies, ensure roof replacement is covered along with repairs. The last thing you want is getting stuck paying for a brand new roof completely out of pocket when you thought you were covered! Being covered will be more than a relief when the worst-case scenario comes up – of course we hope it never does.

Quick Tip #6: Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning and inspection should be done annually; often the close of the fall season is a good time to check. And if you haven’t done it yet, don’t forget to take a glance while you’re hanging your Christmas lights! Removing debris from your gutters and ensuring that every downspout discharges water roughly 4-6 feet away from your house foundation will assist in preventing wet basement problems. But as easy as it sounds, hiring the services of a professional for this job is the safest way to ensure the work is done properly and without issue.

A roof is something we all seem to take for granted – until it’s too late. By making sure that you’re maintaining your roof, even in the busy seasons, will help you protect not only your family, but your property as well.


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