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With January comes that clean slate that so many people crave, and while many people use this fresh start to focus on quitting a bad habit or creating a new good habit, many others take this opportunity to start new projects such as organization, or even home renovations. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays behind us, and the cold keeping us indoors, it can be a great time to focus on some interior renovations such as flooring.

Plus, we all generally have one or two areas of our homes that we know need a minor repair. However, many of us are often reluctant to make said repairs. It’s much easier to keep ignoring that minor repair – but ignoring it for too long can result in a minor problem becoming a major one – and often a much costlier one! So why not take some time now to focus on the minor repairs you can do around the house during the cold season so you can reap the benefits, and the free time, in the warmer months.

Flooring Damage

Keeping your floors well maintained not only extends their lives, it also saves you money in the long run. Your floors have a tough job – they support you and your family on a daily basis and have to withstand pets, furniture, footwear, and the weather. The three most common causes of flooring damage are:

  • Moisture: between wet boots, simple spills, plumbing leaks, and condensation, moisture is the biggest issue for flooring damage. Other causes of moisture damage can be skylights leaking, roofing leaks, and even hazards you may not commonly expect such as damaged aquariums, fridges or freezers. Some signs that indicate this is beginning to happen would be buckling or warping in the wood’s panels, and of course wet carpet!
  • Staining: as much as we love them, with children and pets often comes stains. If messes sit on your floor for too long, permanent damage can result in the form of staining to your wood or carpeting.
  • Surface Scratching: we have all been guilty of it; moving a piece of furniture without thinking of the delicate floor beneath. Unfortunately, this can result in surface scratches.

So what is the best way to handle floor repairs? You will definitely want to consult with a professional.

Floor Insulation

While you’re repairing your damaged floors, why not get your exposed floor insulation checked to make sure it’s doing it’s job properly? As you know, insulation acts as an effective barrier to both heat loss and heat gain. It’s particularly true of your home’s interiors, and this includes your exposed floors. In most, if not all, homes, insulation is one of the most cost efficient and practical ways of ensuring the entire home is energy efficient.

By insulating your exposed floors, you’ll be able to keep cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. By properly insulating your home, you’ll surely be able to save close to 40% in terms of heating and cooling bills. What’s more is the fact that it might mitigate cases of condensation in your home and it goes miles in offering health benefits via a drastic reduction in mold and dampness in your home, which are very common in the cold season.

Before initiating any plan to insulate your exposed floors during this cold season, it’s important to hire a professional to conduct an energy audit of your house. Energy audits are highly important because they assess your home’s current energy usage and identify areas for improvement. Rather than conducting a simple audit, hire a professional to conduct an in-depth audit. By doing so, you’ll receive a home energy report outlining insulation savings opportunities, plus someone to walk you through the many home reno rebates available to you right now!

Damaged floors are not only unsightly, but they can be the start of, or an indication of, a bigger problem. Why not take this cold month that’s forcing you to stay inside, and focus on these well used and often neglected areas of your home?

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