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Are you considering building or expanding your skill set? Look no further than a sector with fast upward growth and become a Registered Energy Advisor for new and existing homes. Using many of the same skills you already possess as a contractor or home inspector, you can assist your clients in avoiding potentially wasted energy, and in reaping the benefits of the current home renovation rebates available to them.

Becoming a Registered Energy Advisor will be an invaluable tool in the coming years, as newly constructed homes and homes entering the housing market to be sold may need an energy assessment in the near future. As an energy advisor, you’ll be trained to give home buyers, builders and renovators tips and direction to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their home, looking at many factors to reach that point.

Are you contemplating becoming a registered home energy advisor? While the industry might be highly rewarding, there’s a lot you must learn. To become a home energy advisor, you’ll need some training, and a handle on the necessary pre-requisite skills in order to become registered.

Pre-requisite Skills

The following are some of the pre-requisite skills or experience you need to become a home energy advisor. If you’re already a contractor or home inspector, you’ll be well versed in many of these skills. And if you’re just starting out, why not consider some of these a jumping off point?

  • Fluency with home construction and building terminology or,
  • Home inspector training or,
  • Minimum of two years experience in the renovation/building industry or,
  • Strong background in any of these:
  • Construction
  • Home cooling/heating systems
  • Architecture
  • Engineering

Huge assets to your success will be:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Computer skills
  • Physical fitness

Education and Requirements

As stated above, home energy advisors often benefit from adding this skill to their existing arsenal of knowledge, and their background in skilled trades such as construction or electrical.

Job Duties

Your duties as a RegisteredEnergy Advisor vary hugely from one job to another. However, here’s a list of the typical job duties you’ll encounter as an advisor:

  • Analyze, homes, air conditioning, heating systems, ventilation, to make sure that the use of energy is optimal.
  • Carefully assess equipment for energy consumption.
  • Evaluate energy consumption for residential clients.
  • Educate users on energy-use potentials and habits for cost reduction and consumption.
  • Present your assessment findings to customers.
  • Make recommendations, on energy efficiency upgrades and available rebates.

Now is an incredible time to be part of the energy efficiency industry. Local programs are creating huge incentives for both energy audits and retrofits. Consequently, the demand for registered energy advisors and trade contractors will rise – why not get ahead of this demand and establish yourself and your skills in the field? The future of this industry is bright.

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