The NRGwise Process

Our Approach

Like a human body, your house is a system comprised of a series of connected parts. Changes in one component, affects all other components. Our approach is to help you to solve any identified problems in the most economical way, taking into consideration all aspects of your home’s performance.

Initial Consultation

  • The first step is to listen to our client’s needs. We will begin by asking a series of questions to help diagnose any problems.
  • We will review the components of your house in more detail and collect additional information.
  • We will then present clients with our initial findings and determine with you, if it makes sense to move on to the next step.


A Home Energy Assessment is a standardized process in Canada that was created by the federal government and Natural Resources Canada. This process systematically evaluates some of the many components of your house. Only properly trained and government Registered Energy Advisors are allowed to provide these services.

A key tool used in the Energy Assessment process is call a “Blower Door”. This device allows your Registered Energy Advisor to identify areas of significant air leakage and heat loss where cold exterior air could be rushing into your home resulting in decreased comfort and increased energy bills. 

In addition, photos and measurements will be collected in order to properly model your house in the standardized government provided software.

The end result of the Home Energy Assessment is a series of detailed reports that itemize your home’s current energy use and more importantly, energy savings opportunities. Your Registered Energy Advisor will review these finding with you and provide a rating label for your home.

We will then review those findings with you and discuss the various options available to solve the problems identified.

Comprehensive Planning and Costing

  • The Energy Assessment Reports provide an unbiased list of opportunities to address energy and comfort related problems. The report will also show projected energy and money savings which we will include in our comprehensive proposal.
  • We will then look for any government or utility financial incentives that may be available to help cover the cost of work.
  • Any recommended work or upgrades will be costed out and presented to you along with the projected savings. We will use both values to deliver a projected payback period.
  • Once an action plan is agreed upon, work can begin.


  • Contractors will then be scheduled to complete the agreed upon work.
  • Our consultants will remain available throughout the implementation process to discuss and review any questions that you may have.

Quality Assurance

  • At the completion of the work, we will return to ensure that everything was completed as promised and answer any additional questions that you may have.
  • Where government or utility rebates are utilized, the Registered Energy Advisor will return to complete a followup Home Energy Assessment and will submit all rebate forms, on your behalf, to the government and utility. You will then be provided with a new Home Energy Report and new Home Energy Rating Label for your home

Home Maintenance Plan

Where applicable, we will present ongoing maintenance or service plans to help ensure that equipment is maintained to satisfy manufacture’s warranty requirements and to help ensure that equipment is working at maximum efficiency for years to come.

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Rebates & Incentives

In Ontario, Enbridge Gas has an active incentive program for home energy upgrades. For more details, visit BuyWise Consulting