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What Makes up your hvac system

The three major functions of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are interrelated.




NRGwise services all makes and models and when it comes time to replace your equipment, we offer competitive pricing, professional installations and full warranty on work performed. Finance options are also available. When it comes to install a new furnace boiler or heat pump, be sure to only accept ENERGY STAR rated units. Efficiencies are generally higher. If you are accessing any government or utility rebate programs, ENERGY STAR is a requirement.

Also pay attention to AFUE ratings. Today’s furnaces can be rated as high as 98% AFUE. The higher the rating, the less heat that goes out the exhaust. Higher ratings result in more money in your pocket rather than to the utility. Selecting a two stage or multi stage furnace allows your furnace to operate at lower capacities in warmer winter periods, helping to eliminate wide temperature fluctuations within your home, increasing comfort levels. This also helps to save money. A modulating furnace makes that transition even smoother.

New furnaces are also equipped with electronically commutated motors (ECM). These operate on DC power and are over 2/3 more efficient the older AC fan motors. The electrical savings can be substantial when operating the fan in continuous mode. Many are variable speed allowing them to automatically compensate for restricted airflow or poor duct design by automatically adjusting the fan speed.

NRGwise only uses trained and licensed professionals. The typical life of a furnace is about 15 years. When it’s time to upgrade your home’s heating and cooling systems, give us a call and we will help find the best system for your home.


If your home has radiators, then you have a boiler as a heat source. Providing steady, reliable output of heat, a boiler is an exceptional way to heat your home. When it is time to service or replace your boiler, give us a call.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps provide consistent heat in the winters, and air conditioning during the summer. The popularity of heat pumps has grown in recent years, especially since they serve a dual purpose. Our experts ensure that your heat pumps are installed professionally and are properly maintained when a service plan is purchased. Heat pumps can work wonders in combination with oil and gas furnaces as an energy-saving, hybrid heat solution. With so many models available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. We will inspect your space, and suggest the right make and model for your needs.




Central Air Conditioners

NRGwise will help to select the right air conditioning unit for your house. Today the minimum efficiency that is readily available is SEER 13, but more efficient models are available as well. A central air conditioner works hand in hand with your forced air furnace. They operate by absorbing heat from the interior of your house at the evaporator which is installed inside your furnace. The heat is then released outside through the condenser unit that is installed on the exterior of your house. Our technicians can repair almost every brand and when it is time to replace your unit, we do that too.

Ductless Air Conditioners

A ductless split air conditioner has an exterior condenser unit just like a central air conditioner but has a self contained cooling head or multiple cooling heads indoors so that cooling can be delivered to the room(s) or zone(s) desired. Where a forced air furnace is not present, this may be the best option to cool your home in the hot summer months.

A ductless/split air conditioner system requires only a small hole in an outside wall to run lines for refrigerant and electricity between the indoor and outdoor unit and to drain the condensate, thus eliminating expensive renovation work for duct installation. The sleek, contemporary styling of the indoor unit allows for a stylish appearance and easy cleaning. Models with wireless remote control give you programmable time and temperature control and allow you to take total control of your comfort. These units are also great for home additions. Heat Pump ductless units are also available and provide both heating and cooling functions for year round use.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps provide consistent heat in the winters, and air conditioning for the summer. The popularity of heat pumps has grown in recent years, especially since they serve a dual purpose. Our experts ensure that your heat pumps are installed professionally and are properly maintained through the purchase of a service plan. Heat pumps can work wonders in combination with oil and gas furnaces as an energy-saving, hybrid heat solution. With so many models available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. We will inspect your space, and suggest the right make and model for your needs.


Domestic Hot Water

Hot Water Tanks

Hot water tanks are the most common type of hot water heating system used in Canada today but that is changing slowly. When it is time for a replacement, we can assist. If you are looking for space savings and higher efficiency energy saving units, you may want to consider a new tankless water heater instead. Regardless of your presence, we are available to assist.

Tankless, Instantaneous Hot Water

Have as much hot water as your family needs. An on-demand tankless water heater is the solution because, unlike traditional water heaters, the tankless system heats the water as it is needed. Tankless Water Heaters Save You Money on your utility bills. Besides not having to wait for hot water, you save the energy and money traditional water heaters consume just to keep water in the tank hot, waiting for someone to use it. Save energy and only heat water when you need it.

Combo/Combi Hot Water

If you have a boiler to heat your home, you may want to consider the efficiencies of a unit that can both heat your house and heat your hot water. To explore further, just give us a call.


Indoor Air Quality

Heat/Energy Recovery Ventilators (HRV/ERV)

It is very important to air seal your house as much as possible in an effort to eliminate uncontrolled air infiltration. Cold air that enters through holes in your house causes your heating system to work extra hard to heat that cold air that enters in the winter and cool the hot humid air that enters in the summer. On the other hand, a house that is too tight can be a problem as well. Imagine being stuck in a bathroom with no window and no exhaust vent. Not pleasant. In a house with little ventilation, you are exposed to stale air and stale air can make you feel ill. The solution is controlled air exchange.

A HRV is an energy recovery ventilation system which works between two sources at different temperatures. Heat is recovered from the air leaving the house and partially transferred to the incoming colder air through a heat exchanger in the heart of your HRV. By recovering the residual heat in the exhausted air, the fresh air introduced into the system is pre-heated (pre-cooled in summer). A typical HRV consists of a core unit, channels for fresh air and exhaust air, and blower fans. HRVs typically recover about 60% of the heat in exhaust air and have significantly improved the energy efficiency of houses.

An ERV (energy recovery ventilator) works similar to the HRV except for the fact that in addition to heat transfer between the incoming and outgoing air, humidity is also transferred. This is important for the warm humid months of the year, where incoming humidity is partially transferred to the exhausted air, rather that all going into the house.

HEPA Filters

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air), is a High Efficiency Particulate Air filter. They typically trap 99.9% of particulates 0.3 microns or larger. Signs that you might need better filtration include; a musty smelling house, pets that shed, overly dusty house, headaches, congestion or sneezing frequently when you are home.

HEPA filters trap air contaminants such as spores, dust mites, mould, pet dander, bacteria, car emissions, in a complex web of fibers. The particles either collide with the fibers and become trapped or are trapped while attempting to travel through the fibers. The net result is cleaner air that may reduce the effect of allergies and asthma. Cleaner air can also result in better cardiovascular health.

UV Lights

Ultraviolet lights were shown to kill mold, viruses and bacteria more than 100 years ago. Two types of UV lights are currently made for sanitizing your heating and air conditioning system. They have various names including purifying lights, germicidal lights, sanitizing lights and sterilization lights.

Coil Sanitizing Lights

If you have central air conditioning, then you have an indoor coil. It is a prime location for the development of mold and bacteria. Why? Because the coil is used to condense moisture from the air to dehumidify your home during AC cycles. As air passes over the coil, dirt, pet dander and other debris stick to its wet surface. The combination creates an ideal setting for the growth of mold and bacteria that can be spread through your home in the passing air. Coil UV lights are the most common HVAC sterilizing lights. Coil sterilization lights are installed where they can shine directly onto the surface of the coil, and they are left on continuously.

Air Sanitizing Lights

This type of HVAC germicidal lights are installed in the ductwork bringing return air to the system. Their purpose is to kill airborne germs and mold. Stick and U-shaped lamps are used by various manufacturers. Some air germicidal HVAC lights are coordinated with the blower motor to turn on and off as it does. These must be hardwired with the system, so installation cost is on the high end of the spectrum.

As part of a clean air approach, talk to one of our staff to see if a UV light makes sense for your HVAC system.


Get relief from the discomforts of dry indoor air. If your heating system is a forced air furnace, you probably know the discomfort of having chapped lips, itchy eyes, dry skin and sore throats. Relief comes in the form of a whole-home humidifier as part of your heating system. Keep your humidity levels at the proper level and your home will also be more comfortable at lower temperatures. No matter the conditions outside, a home humidifier is a great addition in not only protecting your physical comfort but also for all of your home’s interior wood and valuable wood furniture.

Duct Cleaning

Dust, dust mites and pollen may hide in your air ducts. Do you or family members have allergies or asthma? Regular, professional duct cleaning should become part of your strategy for healthy indoor air quality. Ducts are cleaned using powerful vacuums and air under high pressure. Accessible ducts are air brushed and then sanitized.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless, and toxic gas that can kill. Even small doses of carbon monoxide can cause permanent damage or death. Carbon monoxide comes from incompletely burned carbon fuel like wood, gasoline, coal, propane, natural gas, gasoline, and heating oil. CO is hazardous in a confined space like a basement, kitchen, garage, or camper. Carbon monoxide is deadly because it’s so hard to detect without carbon monoxide sensors. Once it passes into your lungs, it binds with your red blood cells and starves your body of oxygen. Common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include intense headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, and weakness.

To help protect yourself again CO poisoning, install CO detectors in the required locations throughout your house and if you hear the alarm, get everyone out immediately. Carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions as well. Your CO detector has a limited life span and will eventually need to be replaced. Perhaps even write in permanent marker the date that it needs to be replaced on the front of the unit.


Additional Services


Are you looking to service, upgrade or add a new fireplace to your home? Are you looking for heating capability or just esthetics? Give us a call to review the many options available.

Gas Work

We are available for gas line installations for a wide variety of needs such new gas appliances like stoves, home backup generators, a BBQ for the back deck or perhaps a natural gas fire pit. Whatever you needs, give us a call.

Garage Heaters

Wanting to convert your unheated garage into a workshop? A gas heater might just do the trick. For options, give us a call. We would also recommend that you consider insulating your garage walls and attic at the same time. We can help with that too!


Service Plans

To help keep your equipment working efficiently, we strongly recommend a service plan. Our consultants will be able to review the many options available. When installing new equipment, our consultants will also review service plans. Our service plans can be designed to cover:

Heating and Air Conditioning systems, HRV/ERV, Humidifiers as well as other equipment.

Service Plan members are also entitled to discount rates for services that are outside of plan coverage.

Service Plan members are entitled to discounts where equipment needs to be replaced.

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In Ontario, Enbridge Gas has an active incentive program for home energy upgrades. For more details, visit BuyWise Consulting